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"Elly is one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s diligent, thorough and smart and possesses a great ability to digest a brief quickly and then just get on with it. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough for freelance work because she can turn her hand to any subject and always produces a thoughtful and beautifully written end-product."

Michael Jones 

Editorial Director at 1473 Media

"I cannot recommend Elly's work highly enough. She is an extremely talented feature writer, with a distinct narrative voice and great turn of phrase. Unlike so many freelancers, Elly requires very little hand-holding; she is more than comfortable sourcing her own interviewees, copy always arrives clean and I have never known her to submit the bare minimum or miss a deadline. It is always clear that a huge 

amount of thought and work has gone into her pieces. I only wish all my freelancers were as dedicated, reliable and talented."

Phin Foster 

Head of commercial content at New Statesman Media Group

"I first worked with Elly Earls in late 2011, impressed by the quality of her editorial ideas, which demonstrated not only a flair for the original, but also the competence to pursue leads to ensure the right people made it into the story. The moment she filed, I commissioned her a second time. Elly has a nose for a great story, is refreshingly committed to deadlines, and is an excellent writer. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any editor."


Murray Garrard 

Former group editor and co-publisher, Ink, Strategic Comms at UN

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